Project name: IN-BETWEEN

Client : YAC - Young Architects Competitions  and Automobili Lamborghini 

Location:  Sant’ Agata Bolognese- Italy

Type: Monument

Status: Competition Entree - Finalist

Date: AUG - NOV 2016

Scale: Small

The initial concept of the design is derived from the essential design features of Lamborghini, a seamless folded surface of dynamic contours that transforms smoothly and flawlessly shaping a unified but differentiated artistic body, and also the distinct but harmonious contrast between taut curves and sharp edges turning into each other effortlessly. The other concept was to embody the speed and lightness of movement associated with the brand’s character through architectural gestures.

The monuments represent two interlaced elements detached from the same solid body with a vacuumed heart which encompass and embrace the in-between space of virtual territory of the House of the Bulls’ plant. The geometrical approach of the design tries to represent a powerful figure with minimum footage on ground and head in clouds to reflect the lightness of movement and non-earthy quality of the brand. Each monument is a continuous folded volume starting from ground, surging up and towards the road with sharp edges on the outside turning to soft edged folds inward which is inspired both by the taut curves and sharp edges on exterior body of Lamborghini automobiles and also the contrast of the powerful edgy exterior and light and fluid interior embodied in the brand’s design. So the proposed design of the monuments tries to express this kind of duality and In-Between-ness which also can be sensed in the competition site. 

The monuments design have different perspectival views, so that when you are approaching each monument you would confront its thinner side and perceive sort of an accelerated sensation and once you reach the roundabout and start to pass the monument the broader side will appear which would make you slow down.

The vacuumed void in the heart of each monument manifests the existence of the other half on one hand, and on the other hand expresses an unreachable essence of the brand. It also forms a space for people to stand and realize the